Our basic strategy answers the question “How are we going to accomplish this mission/purpose?” Cornerstone is meant to be a simple church. We want to get back to the basics, not more programs.

Four Simple Things

We believe that if we consistently do four simple things, we will achieve our mission:

…to worship services as regularly as possible and invite a friend.
…in your relationship with Christ as his disciple in order to glorify God.
…somewhere in the church with your spiritual gifts, giving and praying regularly for this congregation and its ministries.
…back into our local community and the world to share the message of the Gospel..


Achieving Community Together

We believe that in order to effectively achieve “community” together, we need to break down into smaller groupings of people. Obviously, 100+ people in a worship service can’t possibly experience much community. However, by using different group sizes, it becomes possible.

Cornerstone has a three-tiered structure to help adults grow as disciples. We have three different sized groups to facilitate different ministry functions and different depths of relationships. Our three sized groups are Worship Services, Adult Bible Communities, and Small Groups.

1. Worship Services

Our Worship Services consist of people in different generations and at different stages of life who gather to worship Christ. The focus is on God, not one another, so there is no opportunity to build deep relationships. However, there is unity based on common roots, beliefs, and purposes.


2. Adult Bible Communities (ABC)

Our Adult Bible Communities at Cornerstone consist of between 16 – 30 people and function as “mini-congregations.” Each one focuses on a particular adult life stage or “season of life.” We strongly encourage you to find a community that fits your general age and stage in life. By doing so, you will find others who are asking the same questions and struggling with the same issues.

Adult Bible Communities are much more than the traditional adult Sunday school classes you may have attended in the past. Instead, they are intended to provide a fertile environment that will help you develop meaningful and lasting friendships. Friendships are formed as people encourage one another to live for Christ as his disciples and get to know one another through common activities and fellowship. These are places with good teaching from the Word of God, prayer for your needs, and a genuine circle of care and support. You don’t have to sign up to attend an Adult Bible Community, just begin attending.


3. Small Groups

Our Small Groups consist of 3-15 people who normally meet in a home during the week. We call our small groups “Growth Groups” because we believe they are the primary way true spiritual growth occurs. They emphasize healthy, relational intimacy by being a place of acceptance and trust where you can be vulnerable. They are intended to offer deep, authentic relationships where there is encouragement, help, and accountability to grow in your spiritual life.

Growth Groups meet at a place and time that is convenient for all members. A facilitator guides discussion in the Bible study to help the participants discover and apply spiritual truths to their own lives. Some groups may also be gender specific (all men or all women).