Our Leadership Structure

The governance of Cornerstone, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit and Jesus as head, is vested in the body of believers who compose its members.   The authority of the Pastor and Elders is ultimately derived from the members as outlined in the articles of the church bylaws.


  1. Cornerstone operates with a modified elder/congregational form of government.
  2. The congregation confirms a board of biblically qualified elders.
  3. The elders shepherd and oversee the church.
  4. The Senior Pastor serves under the authority of and is accountable to the board of elders.
  5. Deacons and Deaconesses are appointed by the elders to lead the major ministries of the church.
  6. The congregation participates in the largest and most important decisions.

Our Current Leadership Team

Cornerstone currently has six Elders:

          Jeffrey R. King  (who serves as the full-time pastor)

          Ken Friedel

          Charles Pilling

          Chuck Ealey

          Dave Trevitt

          Jason McLaughlin


We also currently have eight Deacons or Deaconesses:

          Alicia McLaughlin – Children’s Ministries

          Leanne Nelson – Worship Ministries

          Winn King – Connections Ministries

          Kim Hull – Communication/Prayer Ministries

          Gary Andries – Building and Property Ministries

          Brad Weyers – Building and Property Ministries

          Sherri Nash – Caring Ministries

          Sabrina Petersen – Outreach Ministries