Our Biblical Emphasis

Cornerstone seeks to be biblical in all its beliefs and practices.

  • We believe in the fundamental, historic doctrines of the church (see Statement of Faith)
  • We place on emphasis on teaching the Word of God.
  • We want to live out the commands and principles in obedience to Christ.


Our Core Values

Core values are an important barometer of any organization or church. They tell an important story. It can be especially hard to boil down all the values to just a few. Having a list of twenty or thirty just isn’t all that helpful. But a short list is. So here’s ours.

Cornerstone has seven values that we constantly aspire to achieve:

  1. We want to be intentional in growing disciples.
  2. We want to accept people where they are.
  3. We want to help people change into Christ-likeness.
  4. We believe this is a life-long process.
  5. We want to be relational in all our ministry.
  6. We want to be authentic in those relationships.
  7. We want to be accountable to each other.


Our Affiliation

Cornerstone is an independent local church, not affiliated, associated, or organizationally linked to any other group or particular denomination.

  • This does not imply that we seek to be separatists. We welcome people from many different backgrounds.
  • We seek to maintain good relationships with all churches.
  • We often work in close cooperation with like-minded churches for ministry purposes.